Animals deserve to live in their natural habitat, without harm, abuse, or exploitation. As the animal population is disappearing at an alarming rate around the world, many animal organizations are coming forward with a mission to try and raise awareness and save these magnificent creatures. Peace4Animals works to raise awareness for animal rights all over the world for the protection, conservation and respect for every living being we share this planet with.

Animals cannot defend themselves from much of the terrible cruelty and suffering that is inflicted on them as their lives are literally in human hands. Peace4Animals is an Animal Rights Organization that helps the needful, sick and abandoned wild, exotic and domestic animals against the face of threats like poaching, habitat loss, animal testing, fashion, dog fighting, puppy mills, and many more worldwide (and mostly human) risks.

Peace4Animals has formed an Animal Organization to create a central point for efforts with its team to help animals and fight for animal rights by serving as an outlet for humanitarian support and creating a powerful network to protect and protest for the loss of natural animal species all over the world.

We are a non-profit organization that engages in Animal Charities contributing to a thriving, healthy planet for animal’s health and well-being and their existence by protecting species against all the dangers from humans. You can do something about it today by donating your support to raise money for our animal charities. We really appreciate your generosity and your compassion for animals and helping to support such a worthy cause.

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california wild life cnter

california wild life cnter