Animals deserve to live in their natural habitat, without harm, abuse, or exploitation. As the animal population is disappearing at an alarming rate around the world, many animal organizations are coming forward with a mission to try and raise awareness and save these magnificent creatures. Peace4Animals works to raise awareness for animal rights all over the world for the protection, conservation and respect for every living being we share this planet with.

Animals cannot defend themselves from much of the terrible cruelty and suffering that is inflicted on them as their lives are literally in human hands. Peace4Animals is an Animal Rights Organization that helps the needful, sick and abandoned wild, exotic and domestic animals against the face of threats like poaching, habitat loss, animal testing, fashion, dog fighting, puppy mills, and many more worldwide (and mostly human) risks.

Peace4Animals has formed an Animal Organization to create a central point for efforts with its team to help animals and fight for animal rights by serving as an outlet for humanitarian support and creating a powerful network to protect and protest for the loss of natural animal species all over the world.

We are a non-profit organization that engages in Animal Charities contributing to a thriving, healthy planet for animal’s health and well-being and their existence by protecting species against all the dangers from humans. You can do something about it today by donating your support to raise money for our animal charities. We really appreciate your generosity and your compassion for animals and helping to support such a worthy cause.
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Katie Cleary Fights to Save Orangutans in Late Husband’s Honor

Katie Cleary

Story by: Jackie Taurianen and Mary Cella

Jane speaks to Katie Cleary, a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and television personality who’s fighting to save the Bornean orangutans whose habitat is being decimated to make way for palm oil plantations.  Palm oil is used in many processed food items and cosmetics, but companies often use other terms to disguise it on the label.

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In memory of Andrew Stern, a parcel of Rainforest land in Borneo has been purchased


Peace 4 Animals and founder Katie Cleary made a contribution to World Land Trust to purchase a parcel of Rainforest land as a living memorial that signifies rebirth and the amazing life Andrew Stern has shared with us on this planet. This will aid in the protection of the 64,500 acres of the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary WLT that needs to connect Keruak Forest Reserve with one part of Lower (LKWS) so Orangutans can safely pass through Rainforest habitats.

The Rainforest in Borneo is being cut and burned at alarming rates because of the Palm Oil and logging industry. Palm Oil is in at least 50% of all products in grocery stores, from snack foods, cookies, lotions, dressings to peanut butter.

3,000-5,000 Orangutans that call the Rainforest their home get killed every year because they have no where else to live. Their homes are being destroyed and a bounty is being put on their heads because they are considered pests to Palm Oil companies.

the Borneo Rainforest Appeal secures habitat vital for the survival of the Bornean Orangutan in the wild in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

The first phase of the project will secure a stretch of several properties along the north bank of the Kinabatangan River.

Teeming with wildlife, the Rainforest of Malaysian Borneo is home to the Bornean Pygmy Elephant, 10 species of primate including the Bornean Orang-utan and Proboscis Monkey, and more than 600 species of Birds.

Since 2008, WLT and its project partners have been working to secure strategically vital areas of forest to create wildlife corridors and to connect fragmented patches, ensuring that a continuous, protected habitat exists for wildlife and local communities.

Funding needed
To create the Keruak Corridor (WLT) needs to raise in the region of one million pounds.

Orang-utans are considered keystone species, playing a critical role in maintaining the structure of the whole ecology of the region. If they were to become extinct it would effect the whole ecosystem with a negative effect thus effecting the world.

Orang-utans play a vital role in maintaining the health of the forest. They eat fruit and, by ranging far and wide, they disperse the seeds of the fruits they consume. (A male orang-utan covers up to 9884 acres – 4,000 hectares – in his lifetime.) Orang-utans also trim forest trees by eating leaves and using branches to make their nests, which allows more light to the under storey.

Diminishing gene pool: There may be as many as 1,000 Orang-utans in Kinabatangan, but due to forest destruction Orang-utans are increasingly isolated from each other, living in groups of between 5 and 200. With unlimited habitat male Orang-utans will travel across large areas to find a mate, covering up to 4,000 hectares in his lifetime, but due to the fragmentation of forest habitat some Orang-utans are unable to move outside their ‘forest island’ to find a mate, meaning that there is a great risk of inbreeding. The shrinking of the Orang-utan gene pool threatens the viability of the species.

Extinction: 90 per cent of Sabah’s native Orang-utan population has been lost in the past 100 years due to habitat destruction. Worst-case scenarios suggest that if deforestation continues the Orang-utan could soon become extinct in many areas.

Once complete, the Keruak Corridor will enable Orang-utans once more to roam the forest of the north bank of the Kinabatangan River and can save them from extinction.

Look on the back of products and don’t purchase anything that contains Palm Oil. Buy recycled paper products, contribute to World Land Trust to purchase land to protect it for future generations and to save the Rainforest and it’s amazing species from extinction.

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